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June 2013: Darryl Humphrey photographs Hollywood actress and singer Jessica Lowndes, the star of the CBS hit drama "90210" which airs on the CW Network in North America and E4 in the UK.
Lauded by many lists as one of the Sexiest Women Alive, Jessica Lowndes was shot in Vancouver for a magazine fashion editorial at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel.
See the Behind-The-Scenes video from the shoot on the YouTube channel:
(link here)

'90210' actress and singer Jessica Lowndes wearing Helmut Lang, photographed by darryl humphrey

June 2012: Darryl Humphrey photographs actress Emily Hampshire, the Canadian belle of the Cannes Film Festival and star of director David Cronenberg's latest feature film "Cosmopolis". This edgy fashion editorial was shot for Toro Magazine.

September 2011: Darryl Humphrey photographs the advertising campaign for Gemini Award-winning national TV news anchor, Global National's Dawna Friesen.

January 2011: Darryl Humphrey photographs actress Elyse Levesque (Stargate: Universe) for a post-war-inspired fashion magazine editorial: (link here)

High-end photography serving the advertising and editorial sectors with high-end beauty, fashion, celebrity, hair, lifestyle and music photography. Studios based in Vancouver, and Toronto

darryl humphrey (darryl humphrey - photography) is a photography studio that specializes in advertising, commercial, celebrity, high fashion, editorial, beauty, and music. The studio has two decades of experience spanning Europe, America, Canada, the UK, and work in strategic planning and design. Clients range from multinational corporations, organizations and company brands, through to small businesses, model agencies and individuals.

darryl humphrey - photography creates iconic and stylistic work, reflecting Darryl's interest in people, style, culture and fashion. He studied photography at Central St. Martins in his home town of London, UK. He worked for several years with the top agencies and cutting-edge designers in London before moving the studio to Vancouver, Canada, in 2000. He continues to work with clients across Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim, bringing a distinctive energy to film.

What do Darryl's images share? A collective desire to tell a story that goes beyond the limits of the frame and border. The sense of walking into a scenario as it plays itself through, with all of the impact, energy and intensity that this brings. Yet, at the same time, many images show an exposed, vulnerable and even tender side to the subject, leading to an unexpected tension in the work.

Darryl's recent clients include: 2029 Magazine, American Cinematographer, American Salon, Beautybeat Magazine (USA), BC Business, Black Book (USA), Caseook (London), Cinema Magazine (USA) em Magazine (London), Estetica Magazine (Milan), Good Life Magazine (London), HUGE Magazine (Tokyo), IHR Magazine (Toronto), Louis Vuitton, Kaleidoscope (London) , Millimeter (USA), Process Magazine (USA), Professional Photographer, Salon (USA), Toro Magazine (Toronto),

Avanti (USA), BCPGA, BOY London (UK), Concord Pacific, Getty Images, Health Canada, Liz Davenport (Australia), London Fashion Week, Miss Coquette Clothing, Olsen Europe, Plum Clothing, Robson Street, Shu Uemura, Sharp Magazine, Shoppers Optical, Tiffany & Co., Torch Telecom (UK), Vidal Sassoon (London) , Wolford (Paris),

Amacon, Barford Films (London), Cossette Communications / Grapheme Koo, Health Canada, Hybrid Creative, Logica plc (London), Nerland Agency, Panasonic, The Phelps Group (Los Angeles), Universal Music

For more information please consult the website:
darryl humphrey - photography

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July 13, 2009 -- darryl humphrey - photography launches Designers on Designers

Vancouverডshion elite gathered in historic Gastown tonight to attend a unique event hosted by fashion photographer Darryl Humphrey and writer & fashion stylist Shallom Johnson. Held at a stunning $1.3 million penthouse loft overlooking the scenic waterfront, the event drew an invited throng of celebrated fashion designers, national media, and entertainers who were all there witness to British Columbiaডshion renaissance.

The night was a rousing success and garnered high praise from the designers, who became models for one night. Natalie Meyer of Sienna Ray was just one of the designers that played dress-up and said, 钭 having] a great time 면� very new experience to be the one in the spotlight.ꃯnceived as a one-off al networking experiment,䥳igners on Designers spotlighted nine of British Columbiaയp fashion designers. These designers included Carlie Wong, a Project Runway Canada alumna; Melanie Talkington, whose designs are worn by the likes of Dita Von Teese; and Rozemerie Cuevas of Jacqueline Conoir Collection, a longtime staple of Canada೴ylish scene. Not to be outdone, guests, designers, and media alike also saw shoe designs from John Fluevog; Melissa Ferreira of Adhesif Clothing and Elsa Corsi of Jeweliette. The event was the culmination of an idea that Darryl had while in production for a photo shoot with Shallom. The two were having conversations about which designers to feature in the editorial, and they soon discovered that there was a common thread amongst the designers. They were all telling the same story: that they loved the work of several of the other designers that were to be included in the photo shoot and would happy to be in an editorial alongside them. However, despite their respect for these other designers, they had never had the opportunity to meet them in person and convey these thoughts. The pressures and time constraints of running a fashion label, and often a retail or e-retail division, had meant that each designer rarely had time ton network with their peers. Suddenly Darryl had his 駨tbulb Moment.רy not create an environment where these various designers could view each other෯rk and show their support and appreciation? Not as competitors in the industry, but just as normal people, admiring a fashion designerࣲeativity, the way one might in a personal shopping environment. How about if the actual creator of the piece you admired was right there and able to help dress you? What if there were several other designers right there too, allowing you to pick and choose pieces from each line, and come away with a new set of favourite designers as friends? Thus, the concept for Designers on Designers was created.

April 14, 2009 -- darryl humphrey - photography on Entertainment Tonight

For the second time in as many months, high fashion and celebrity photographer Darryl Humphrey has been featured on top-rated Hollywood news television show Entertainment Tonight, in Canada, as he conducted a fashion shoot for one of his celebrity subjects.

The photoshoot was of Juno-nominated musician Jessie Farrell. Entertainment Tonight Canada's cameras were on the set in Vancouver as Darryl and his team created some iconic images of the singer for a Canadian magazine. The interview and photoshoot aired tonight (April 14th) on the Global network. More images from the photoshoot can be seen on the website

October 10, 2006 -- "Two images in the show! Fantastic! Wonderful work!" (Not Fit For Print judging panel)

Fashion and Advertising photographer Darryl Humphrey has been honoured with two of his unpublished works being exhibited in a nationwide exhibition of the industryࢥst photography.

The Not Fit For Print fashion photography exhibition will feature not one but two outstanding photographs created by darryl humphrey - photography. This may be a first for the event to feature two images from the same photographer, which were part of a series of seven entitled 'The Junket'; a photo story shot with the mood of Film Noir, and with influences of old-world glamour from the stars of the 1940's and 1950's.

Following on from the success of the first event on the West Coast, Not Fit for Print is curating a new show during L'Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada. These images will be seen by everyone attending the show and all throughout Toronto Fashion week.

Not Fit for Print is a premiere Fashion Photography exhibit that gives Canada's top Fashion photographers the chance to showcase their best unpublished works. All images must incorporate Canadian fashion design. The selected photos will be auctioned to generate more profit for the charity Kids Up Front - a worthy cause that helps expose disadvantaged children to arts and culture. Sponsors of the show include Lindt Chocolatier, and Harmony Airways.

The judging panel for the exhibition were members of the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC), the curatorial team from The Drake Hotel, and associates from Brady Dahmer Design.

The invite-only gala opening of the exhibition will coincide with the commencement of the L'Oreal Fashion Week on October 17th at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

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25X1, 25x1. The 2005 vancouver contemporary photography exhibition. Opening: 7pm Thursday February 10th, 2005. The Lumen Gallery, International Village, 88W Pender, 2nd Floor. In association with The Lab Professional Image Works. christopher allen, marcos armstrong, hamid attie, michael boland, david ellingsen, steven errico, lucas finlay, rob gilbert, barry gnyp, kristopher grunert, noel hendrickson, darryl humphrey, paul joseph, marc josse, lisa kaulback, niki kendall, brenndan laird, john lee, cooper mears, robert melnychuk, candace meyer, pete soos, martin tessler, jordan todd, johann wall, darrel humphrey. daryl humphrey, darrell humphrey, darell humphrey, darryl humphreys, darryl humphries

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