Darryl Humphrey internet Advanced YouTube Channel Strategies

Advanced YouTube Channel Strategies

When it comes to growing your brand through video, YouTube has a lot of potential. But just creating a YouTube account and uploading a few videos isn’t enough to get you to your goal of growing a loyal fanbase.

What is the best strategy for YouTube?

To improve your LenosTube: Advanced YouTube Channel Strategies audience growth and monetization, take these actionable tips onboard:

1. Make sure to optimize your videos for search.

YouTube is a search engine, just like Google, and your content needs to be optimized for the keywords you’re targeting. That includes your YouTube profile, video titles, and description as well as your lists, closed captions, and subtitles. For example, if you’re a productivity coach, pack the keyword “productivity tips” into your channel’s about section and video descriptions.

2. Use playlists to keep viewers hooked on your videos.

Playlists are a great way to increase your YouTube engagement and monetization by encouraging viewers to watch multiple videos in sequence, much like a good Netflix series. They’re also especially useful for vloggers; fitness, life, or business coaches; and solopreneurs who want to put a face to their brand and connect with viewers on a personal level. To use playlists, create a list of your best videos and include an engaging title and description that draws in viewers. Then link each video to a video in your channel that can continue building on the topic. Finally, add a call to action (CTA) asking your audience to subscribe at the end of each video.

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