Darryl Humphrey LAW Specialist Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

Specialist Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

When someone close to you dies, it’s an upsetting time and often the last thing you want to think about is legal obstacles or battles regarding their estate. But, these are all too common and can leave you in a position where the wishes of your loved one are not properly fulfilled or their assets are left to the wrong person.

How do you resolve will disputes?

As Specialist Inheritance Dispute Solicitors, we can help you resolve a Will, trust or estate dispute. We act for disappointed beneficiaries, executors, personal representatives and trustees, charities and businesses. Disputes can arise due to many different reasons including:

It was not made correctly (e.g. witnessing or signing was incorrect)

The deceased lacked mental capacity at the time it was created (known as undue influence)
There were clerical errors in the Will
The deceased did not take steps to protect their property during life (known as intestacy)
There are unpaid debts on the estate which need to be settled
Disputes can be highly complex and sensitive, particularly when family members disagree over what they should inherit. It is important to get expert legal advice as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary court proceedings. Our New York estate litigation lawyers are able to provide expert advice and support to ensure that your rights are protected and the wishes of your loved ones are respected.

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