Darryl Humphrey Recreation The Rise of Used EVs For Sale

The Rise of Used EVs For Sale

As the new-car market for battery electric vehicles (BEV) grows rapidly, more used models are entering secondhand car lots and making their way into consumer hands. While this is a welcome development, some consumers are wary of buying an older used EV because they worry about a battery that may lose range over time.

The concern is well-founded – BEV batteries are designed to last a decade or more, but they can degrade over time due to how the vehicle is driven and maintained. The good news is that even though used evs for sale are one of the most expensive parts of an EV, federal rules mandate that they’re covered by warranty for up to eight years or 100,000 miles.

Eco-Friendly Options: Used EVs for Sale

If you’re shopping for a used EV, chances are the batteries have a significant amount of life left in them. But finding out the exact state of a battery’s condition is tricky – the industry doesn’t have a standard set of metrics yet to measure battery health. Fortunately, a Seattle startup called Recurrent is working to change that with a free prediction service that predicts a used EV’s battery’s remaining range based on driving habits and other factors.

Another big benefit of purchasing a used EV is that buyers can get the same year-end IRA tax credit that new buyers receive. The exact details on how that process will work in 2024 aren’t out yet, but Recurrent will post updates as soon as they become clear. Qualified buyers will also be able to claim the NYS Drive Clean Rebate, which is worth up to $9,500 for certain models.

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