Darryl Humphrey Blog What is PATS Testing?

What is PATS Testing?

pats testing is an electrical safety test for portable appliances (such as computers, printers, kettles, microwave ovens and power tools) that ensures they are safe for use. This is important because some appliances may cause harm if they become faulty, even if they look fine.More info :https://pattestingcompany.co.uk

PAT testing is commonly conducted by external companies, but it can also be done by trained members of staff. If you want to get involved with pats testing, it is best to take a course first to gain the skills and knowledge to do so safely.

Demystifying PATS Testing: Common Questions Answered

There are several methods for conducting a PAT test, but the most common is a formal visual inspection of each piece of equipment. This can detect 90% of problems and should be done by a member of staff with the appropriate training or a professional. This should include looking for signs of damage, such as cracks, burns and bent pins, checking all the plugs, sockets and leads, and making sure all live, neutral and earth wires are tightly linked to their relevant terminals.

Other tests include the lead polarity test, where all the connections are checked for the correct connection of the red and black cables on an appliance, as well as the earth bonding and resistance or touch current tests. These are more complicated and require specific PAT testers to perform. Functional testing can also be carried out, but this is less common and depends on the type of equipment.

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